Eggs "R" Us, Inc
Mid-States Specialty Eggs is comprised of approximately 160 individual Mennonite Family Farms that produce a variety of Specialty Shell Eggs. Each farm holds 2 Animal Welfare certifications along with a desired certification for Organic or Non-GMO.

At Mid-States, the flock management style differs from commercial practices. Due to the individuality of each farm, MSSE takes a personalized approach to flock management. 

Mid-States works closely with each farmer to implement a flock management program that is farm specific. The persanlized approach to flock management focuses on key areas to promote a healthy lifestyle for each Hen.
The Specialty Eggs sold by Eggs "R" Us, Inc. are produced by Mid-States Specialty Eggs
Food & Bird Safety
  • Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) Prevention Program
    • ​Routine SE Testing
    • SE Vaccinations
  • ​Bio-Security plants to protect hens & humans
  • Regular USDA inspections and verification
  • Implementation of FDA's Egg Safety Regulations
  • ​Certified SQF Level 2
  • Hens are provided sufficient space indoors to exhibit natural behaviors with ease
  • Perches are provided to encourage relaxation and help promote healthy feet
  • Specially designed ventilation systems to ensure high quality air circulation for respiratory health
Feed & Ingredients
  • Wholesome & Nutritious Feed
  • 100% Vegetable based diet
  • Clean and Fresh drinking water
  • Free of Animal and Bakery by-products
  • Free of Hormones and Antibiotics